Thursday, April 8, 2010

Work Group 2

Here are some photos from the archives. We've done so many great things with work group. There's the day we made venison sausages at Renata's house. The chicken's were also done at Renata's. We actually didn't kill them but plucked them and cleaned them - and of course ate them - yum! Renanta's husband Tom built a chicken plucker which involves tumbling them over rubber fingers - wow! The rototilling is pregnant Vicki at Buffy's place.

I was just reading Chritine Renaud's wonderful blog and I think we should make pita bread at our next work group - but only on a rainy day because we have a lot of gardening to do.

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  1. Hey guys! Make sure to check out the May House and Home article where they mention Honey Pie Hives. Page 32 under best buys at Coriander Girl!