Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One of a Kind Show

Well, we survived the One of a Kind Show. It was five exhausting days long. We brought our farm kitchen to the city and were very well received. This was the first time we had honey for sale at the One of a Kind Show and it was the most popular thing in the booth. The herbal tea sold pretty well too since we gave out free samples. Lots of people recognized our handmade soap from the Gladstone Hotel and told us how much they loved it. Gavin's using a streetcar conductor's change machine that he bought on ebay. I like how the word 'free' is so big in the photo of Gavin. Everyone likes free samples. Thank you to everyone who helped us out. Special thanks to Nana who looked after our energetic children the whole time. You deserve a medal - perhaps that will be our next craft with the kids. We got a mention here on a fun and styley blog.

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  1. lovely!!!! Very well presented. missing you guys...