Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Happy February

These rainbow fingerless gloves I made for myself out of the leftover yarn from Hazel's birthday hat and scarf. Rowan likes them so much he wants a pair in green and yellow. Of course it's still too cold out to wear these much but the time is coming!
This giant echinacea flower is at the Brickworks Market in Toronto. We are now going to two farmers markets in Toronto every Saturday. It's slow going this time of year but we are trying to make the most of the drive to the city. The Brickworks is another beautiful urban renewal project like the Green Barns.
This bee valentine is from Hazel and I just found it funny that this was the project they did at school - Bee Mine!
I got this amazingly cute honey pot from a friend recently. Thanks Lori!
Also, I've been lusting after these dresses at Dear Golden. I think I'll have to try sewing a dress from a vintage pattern one of these days.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tea Party

I got this sweet little box garden from Santa in my stocking and had to share this photo with you. The garden comes flat and you fold it into this box shape. It's black and white and you get to colour it yourself. Hazel and I did this together with coloured pencils. Then you sprinkle the seeds onto an absorbent pad and water gently. The seeds that came with it are cress which was lovely and spicy. Unfortunately I didn't get another photo of it when the cress was tall and green but I love this one of them just coming up.
The box garden is available at Kelly's Shop in Picton, Ontario.

I'm thrilled to share these photos of Hazel from a photo shoot we did for our new tea that's coming soon called Tea Party. These photos are not the exact one I'll be using for the drawing but I'll share that photo and the label once it's ready. The tea is a reddish colour and fruity tasting. It's healthful and delicious. Once the recipe has been finalized I'll share which herbs are in it. In the meantime I will say there are flowers in it and it's beautiful. Hazel was very cooperative but did consume quite a bit of sugar in her tea while I was busy snapping photos. She told me she promised to be nice though. Sigh. I can see she's got the message that sugar makes you grouchy.